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How to add modal popup using rmtheme

This is a div section and should be linked here. This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most... Read more
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Show more/less text by css class

Built in show more less features by jquery. Just need to add class like rmtheme-show-40 rmtheme-show-100 If want more customization, can be added configure like $(“.rmtheme-show-200”).rmtheme_shorten({ “showChars” : 200, “moreText” : “more”, “lessText” : “less”, }); Read more
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How to add content sticky menu?

Sometimes website have large content section pages where section itself need content menu to go to specific section directly. RMTheme has this awesome features in built from version 5.0.5 Just need to enable it from page meta field and add... Read more
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Add custom css file

RMTheme has an option to load custom css file from your server. To load your custom css file, you need to follow below instructions. Create a folder /rmtheme/ to /wp-content/ directory. and then add a css file to 'rmtheme' folder... Read more
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Magnific Popup in RMTheme

Magnific Popup integrated with RMTheme. We can use it to anywhere in RMTheme site. Just need to use required class to your html or builder block. Single image lightbox lightbox Zoom Lightbox gallery iframe Popup Open Google Map Open Vimeo... Read more
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Go to a section smoothly

RMTheme has go to section features and it go directly in a way by smooth scrolling. Using anchor links to go directly to a section. Where you need to add add button or link, it needs to add class in... Read more
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Child Theme

RMTheme is fully supported child theme. It is easy to use and all customization should go in child theme. We always recommended to use child theme. We normally update our RMTheme every week for better security. We also want to... Read more
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Coming Soon!!!

Our dedicated team members are working for awesome documentation. We’ll add it back here soon. Read more