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Shortcode Param with related values:

  • post_count=”5″ (Enter number of post to display)
  • post_type=”post”
  • display_style=”list”
  • item_per_row=”” (Enter number of post to display per row)
  • hide_thumbnail=”True/False” (Use any one)
  • show_meta=”True/False” (Use any one)
  • ui_animation=”True/False” (Use any one)
  • readmore=”True/False” (Use any one)
  • category_slugs=””
  • tag_slugs=””
  • excerpt_count=”100″
  • taxonomy_slug=””
  • taxonomy_term=””
  • author=””
  • css_class=”” (Add your custom css class)
  • image_size=”rmt-related-img”